Proof That Morphic Energies & Love Spells Do Exist

At Modern Love, we have a very basic and simple exercise for you to try that will allow you to actually feel the powerful and amazing Love Spell Attraction Energies within the palm of your hands.

One thing we like to do is educate our clients and potential clients on the basics of the "Morphic Attraction Energies" we use for our Love Spells, Money & Luck Spells, Binding Spells, Custom Spells etc. This way, our clients have proof that the Morphic Spell Energy we use is in fact real.

We want YOU to feel this amazing energy as well. Right Here and Right Now! Ready? Lets begin!

How To Feel Attraction Spell Energies Between Your Hands Right Now

"Proof that Attraction Energies Exist In Everyone. Even YOU!"

  1. Take both of your hands and place them in front of your heart (right in front of your chest area) Be sure to keep them about 3 to 4 inches apart. Keep your hands and fingers relaxed as if you were holding an imaginary sphere between the size of a baseball and a volley ball. Kee3p your hands apart and your fingers curved as the hands are to the left.
  2. You must remain very still as you envision this ball of pure power and amazing energy. Envision it full, pulsing and emanating through your fingers as both hands remain still in a cup like position just as illustrated in the photo above and to the left
  3. Concentrate very hard (truly believe and feel this ball of energy is there) yet at the same time stay relaxed and at ease with yourself and everything around you. Imagine this small, ball of energy contains all of the positive emotions and feelings you possess. Truly imagine all the good and happy feelings you have all balled up into the palm of your hands. Use your mind to simply direct the feelings and emotions that you feel when you are happiest, confident, excited etc are all right within the palm of your hand. Safe and Secure, in beautiful ball of energy.
  4. Remain quiet, still and breath very smoothly and deeply. Imagine the ball of energy between your hands and fingers is almost alive. It is an extension of YOU and you can feel the attraction it is generation. It usually takes only 1 to 3 minutes to create a slight magnetic connection between your hands.

Not only that but once you begin to feel the energy, try pulling your hands apart just an inch and then back again. Almost like you have a balloon and you are squeezing it. You will know what we mean after a few moments of concentration. If you followed directions, you should have a sensation that a very light water balloon is between your hands. It may take a few times but once you manifest Morphic Energies yourself you will know it.


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