Modern Day Wicca Love Spells - Return Your Lover With Real Witchcraft

Modern Love Spells will direct you toward the best Modern Wicca Spell Casting for WHATEVER your situation requires! LOVE PROBLEMS? MONEY PROBLEMS? SOCIAL PROBLEMS? LEGAL PROBLEMS? Look no further as you have found a treasure trove of real Wicca Spells and Modern Morphic Spell Castings GUARANTEED to deliver results. 

Wicca Spells and Wiccan Magic itself is NOT evil. The term Witchcraft simply implies a type of "craft practiced by a witch" Of course a witch can be GOOD or EVIL. Our Magick and Our Wicca Witchcraft Spell Casting is NOT EVIL. Our Wicca Witchcraft is safe, natural and powerful! Not all Witchcraft is safe and not dark but OUR Spell Castings are NOT evil or dark.

Our Modern Morphic Spell Castings are a Modern Form of Wicca. Our Spells use the best aspects of Wicca and its naturalistic approach to magic and Spell Casting. The end results are safe, effective, amazing, natural, fast and the most legit Spells you will find virtually ANYWHERE! 

Take a look around and see for yourself! Our Modern Spells are second to none and produce REAL RESULTS. Real Results YOU Need!

Wicca Witchcraft, Wicca Love Spells, Money & Luck Magic, Custom Wicca Witchcraft Spell Castings, Adult Spells that are Safe, Powerful, Real, and 100% Guaranteed to make You Happy! 

We Cast Effective Wicca Magick Spells using Earths Safe, Powerful & Natural Energies.

Never Evil Or Dark! -- Money Back Guarantee! -- Spells Cast Within 1 Day! 

100% Safe and Confidential. -- Results as Early as 1 Day! -- Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Specials for June!

About Our Wicca Witchcraft Spell Casting Service

Wicca Magick Spells & Modern Morphic Energy, Wicca Love Spells, Halloween Spells, Spells for Love, Witchcraft, Celtic Money Spells, Egyptian Pagan, Revenge Spells, Wicca Luck Energies, Success Magnet Magick, Custom Made Magick Spell Castings & Adult Sexual Spells are all safe, effective and 100% natural. Many people believe Wicca Spell Casting is evil or of the devil. This is 100% FALSE. Wicca Spell Casting is from the earth and its energies around it. Wicca is commonly defined as:

"WICCA --- A century old polytheistic Neo-Pagan nature based religion created and derived from several pre-Christian western Euro belief systems. Wicca's central deity is a mother goddess (even the planet earth itself) and includes the use of herbal spell castings, the Morphic energy system (this is relatively new) and benign (safe) witchcraft"

PLEASE NOTE: The term "witchcraft" does not always mean cast by evil witches or warlocks. It too, can be a non evil word or reference. Another common misconception.

Some Wicca Witchcraft Spell Energy is called Morphic Energy and is as natural and as "of the earth" as the plants and water. To cast a Wicca White Magick Spell or have a spell cast is safe and natural.


Don't trust spell kits you order to cast yourself! Let a professional handle your Spell Casting. We offer many such spells to help out in almost any area in life!

If you need to learn more about the Wicca Faith, Witchcraft or about Spell Casting in general, visit our Glossary section HERE to learn the true meanings of the Wicca Faith and its terms.

Wicca Love Spells are the most effective, safe, beautiful and powerful Magick Spells you will find anywhere! They are not evil in the least but rather a natural and fantastic way to use natures energies to solve virtually any Love related problem or situation. 


Below you will find the powerful list of Wicca Love Spells we cast for you. Each Love Spell is cast with absolute care and precision. 


Which Spell Is Right For You? See All Of Our Wicca Spells Below:


   If your lover has left you and you long for them back this spell can return them to your loving arms with more love then they ever knew they had.  This Wicca Love Spell is a very popular Spell Casting and works wonders for bringing couples back together.  A broken heart is one of the worst pains a person can feel.  Reuniting couples and creating unlimited happiness is one of the best aspects of being a Wicca Love Spell Caster!

   This Wicca Love Spell simply infuses positive thoughts and memories into your ex lovers mind.  Negative thoughts and memories are minimized a great deal leaving your ex lover longing for you again.  Essentially, this Casting shows your lover that YOU really want them and YOU are the one to be with for true happiness and joy. It is very difficult for your lover to think of anything negative meaning fights, problems, cheating or anything that may have led to your break up. This spell works the other way as well by making them feel and think of only the good times and memories.  This is why the RETURN MY LOVER BACK TO ME spell casting is so effective!

NOTE:  If you never were with the person you want you will need the MAKE THIS PERSON DESIRE ME Wicca Spell Casting.

NOTE:  If your ex lover is with a new person you will need break up energies.  The actual Wicca Spell Casting you need for this situation is the Spell Casting  BREAK THEM UP AND RETURN MY LOVER BACK TO ME.  Again, if your lover is with a new person and NOT with you, you will need Wicca break up energies.

So, once again, If you need that special person to return to you with new emotions and affection, this spell is perfect. There is nothing wrong with wanting your ex lover to see you with the same eyes they once did.  This Wicca Love Spell Casting simply helps them see you as they did and as YOU really are. 

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3 Power levels are available for all income levels.  The higher the power level, the more effective and quickly the spell manifests.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Basic Casting $49 Extreme Casting $69 Ultimate Casting $119




   If your financial statues is very bad, this Powerful Wicca Money Spell can help greatly.  This Money Spell Magick is cast with a VERY powerful Wicca Fortune Attraction Crystal.  The Crystals Energies are astounding.  Its ability to attract Luck & Fortune are phenomenal! People have reported lottery winnings, inheritances, and raises in pay almost immediately!  This spell works best if you make under $65,000 a year (but is still effective if you make more).  Overall luck skyrockets and money windfalls happen left and right. 

$$$         $$$       $$$        $$$       $$$

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

       $$$                ORDER   "RAGS TO RICHES"   HERE                   $$$

Basic Casting $49 Extreme Casting $69 Ultimate Casting $119

Visit the
Money Spells Section Here For a Complete List of our Wicca Money Spell Castings



Many times you may have a special problem that requires special needs.  You may desire things that we cannot list and are quite private.  That is why we have created WICCA CUSTOM SPELL CASTINGS.

Wicca Custom Spells are spells YOU design and send us.  You simply tell us what you want to happen in your life (up to 15 requests depending on what level you order) and we cast your requests out in one powerful spell casting.

Wicca Custom Spells castings are very effective and very popular because they allow YOU to decide EXACTLY what you require and want.

With the BASIC LEVEL you get 6 requests.

With the EXTREME LEVEL you get 12 requests.

With the ULTIMATE LEVEL you get 15 requests. 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Basic Casting $49 Extreme Casting $69 Ultimate Casting $119




Take a look at the questions in this table and see what problem matches yours. Within that box will be the right Wicca Spell Casting for that problem.  Clicking on it will take you to a section that will explain the entire Spell and the Spell Casting Process.  Magick or Magic? does your current Spell Caster know the difference?  Hopefully they do!

No matter what your problem, Wicca Spell Magic can help with True, Powerful, Safe & Effective Spell Casting!

Has your lover left?  Try our Return My Lover Wicca Spell Casting. We have powerful spell castings for any situation.

Choose your spell from the list in the box and click on it. You will be taken to a section with more details on that spell casting. All Wicca Spell Castings listed are Cast by the Fantastic Circle of Eight. Every Wicca Love Spell, Money Spell, Custom Wicca Spell, Revenge Spell or Adult Spell is 100% Guaranteed or Your Money back!  -- Master Sam Taylor (Trained Wicca Spell Casting Professional)

"I Need to Find True Love"

1. Make Me Irresistible
2. Custom Wicca Spell Casting
3. Make Someone Desire Me Magick

3. Attract Your Soul Mate Soon
4. Gay Spells & Attraction
5. Lesbian Spells and Attraction
6. Find a True Love Free Spell

7. You Are The One I Want Free Love Spell
8. Spells For Passion and Love
9. Is Your Lover Cheating? Cheating Spells.

"My Lover Left & I Want Them Back"

1. Return My Lover Spell Casting
2. Break Them Up & Return My Lover Spell
3 . Heal My Emotional Pain Magick
4 . Make Me Irresistible Wicca Spell
5 . Keep Your Lover Faithful
6 . Keep Your Lover Happy

"My Lover Left & I do NOT Want Them Back"

1. Break Them Up Spell Casting
2. Custom Made Wicca Spell
3. HEX Spell Energies
4. Custom Revenge Spell
5. Heal My Emotional Pain Magick
6. Curse My Enemy Revenge Spell

"I Want to Attract More Dates"

1. Make Me Irresistible
2. Rags To Riches Money Magick
3 . Stop My Divorce Wicca Spell
4 . Save My Marriage Wicca Binding Spells

"I Have a Special Need, Sexual Issue or Adult Related Desire That I Have Not Seen any Wicca Spell Casting For"

1.  Custom Wicca Spell Casting
2.  Adult Spells / Sex Energies
3.  Ultimate Sex Spell Casting

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Free Beginner Spells for Fertility from Extreme Love Spells can be found HERE

Free Marriage and Wedding Spells.


The Wicca / Wicca Voo Doo Doll.  Does it exist?

There is much speculation on whether the Wicca / Wicca faith actually has a Voo Doo Doll.  If so, how is this Voo Doo Doll created?  Here is a section that provides a basic "How To Make A Voo Doo Doll"  This is a basic, free and easy Wicca / Wicca Voo Doo Doll.


What Magick Really Means!

"I have tried A LOT of spell castings so far.  Nothing has worked.  What's your TOP Wicca Love Spell?"

1.  Global Love Spell Casting
2.  Dynamic Love Spells
3.  Custom Spell Casting
4 .  Free Wicca Spells to Try

5.  Halloween Magic
6 Spells Cast on Halloween

Global Love Spell Can be found Here


Looking for powerful Love Potions and Elixirs for your Spells as well? 

Love Potions and Wicca Love Magick
Details and Instructions for creating Love Potions and Money Potions can be found HERE

Free Horoscopes

Astrology Information

"I Want My Lover to Commit to me! I Want Marriage!"

1.  Commitment Spell Energies
2.  Custom Spell Castings

More Custom Spell Castings Here


The near death experience is a fantastic subject to read and learn about.  The Circle has composed a detailed report regarding the Near Death Experience and the Life After Life topic in detail. 

Many different points and aspects are covered in this article.  Also, the Circle gives some very good points as to why the NDE is clearly NOT a way that the dying brain acts when it is near the end of its life. Read the full "Near-Death-Experience" report below...

1.  A fantastic article written on the near death experience
2.  The second piece regarding the near death experience and the out of body experience with detailed accounts of the NDE and OBE in general

What is Black Magick?


Wicca & Spell Casting Common Terms And Definitions

Wicca: A centuries old polytheistic Neo-Pagan nature based religion created and derived from several pre-Christian western Euro belief systems. Wicca's central deity is a mother goddess (even the planet earth itself) and includes the use of herbal spell castings, the Morphic energy system (this is relatively new) and benign (safe) witchcraft.

Magick: The term "Magick" opposed to "Magic" refers to the kind of energy related to Spells and Spell Casting. The Term Magic refers to things like a man who pulls a rabit out of a hat uses Magic and not magick. A Spell Caster uses Magick and not magic. A magician uses Magic and not Magick. A Wicca would simply use the term magick in all he or she does. 

Wicca Spell Castings: A method that the Wicca use to use the natural energy of the earth as well as certain items and elements combined to produce desired results. Training and years of practice are required to be an effective Wicca Spell Caster according to many. Effective Wicca Spell Casting is a skill the Wicca people say that must be developed over time. 

Voodoo: Also, vodun or Voo Doo. a polytheistic religion practiced chiefly by West Indians, deriving principally from African cult worship and containing elements borrowed from the Catholic religion. Can be evil or good depending on the practitioner.

Wicca: a term that refers to anything Wicca related. I.E. A Wicca Calendar, a Wicca Spell Casting item etc.

Black Magick: A type of magick that is of a dark or evil nature.

Grey Magick: A magick that is neither good or evil but rather neutral. Grey magic can be used for literally anything. Good or Evil.

White Magick: A magick that is good in nature. Wicca Spell Casters generally are 75% white magick and 25% grey magick as a whole.

Pentagram: A star-shaped figure formed by extending the sides of a regular pentagon to meet at five points. Often thought of as "Evil" or the sign of the devil or witches, the pentagram actually is a symbol of NATURE. Used by many Wicca, it is simply a star that symbolized spirit (or aether). fire, air, water, earth.

Crystals: A magick item that is believed to hold energies for all needs. Healing, Love, Psychic Questions, Money Attraction etc. Crystals have been used to channel and deliver these magick energies for thousands of years. Other stones have certain properties but the crystal itself is the "ALL PURPOSE" magick item. Used in 80% of all spell castings. Wicca believers will always use the powerful crystal in their Spell castings.


"I Ordered your RETURN MY LOVER spell last week. I waited a few days and was a little sad nothing happened. But then last night around 11pm she was at my door! She had a card and wanted to talk! I don't know how you did it but you did! THANK YOU!" JAMES, TX.

"Master Edwards, he is back and left Jamie last night. You were right..." SAMANTHA, Co.

"We're in love again and have those old feelings you know? How you did it is beyond me" Drake, WA

"I found $1500 in my account a week after the spell.." RONALD, NY.

"I won a progressive at the Casino. I took home $37,099 4 days after your Ultimate Money Spell was cast. Just thought you would want to know how well your magick works" ESTHER, Tenn.

"$10,000 on a $5 scratch off!!! I should have had 2 Money Spells Cast. HOW!!??" DIANE, Va.

"If anyone deserved to be HEX'd is was my old boss Fred. He spread misery. It felt FANTASTIC when the misery hit him thanks to your HEX spell" JOE, In.

"I almost felt bad for the problems and misery the Revenge Spell brought to my ex! ALMOST!" SARAH, MI

"Justice was served and served well. Good work!" SHANNON, NJ.